A complete renovation.

“I have done a number of renovations and this is by far my best experience. Ronnie and his team renovated every room and surface on the inside of my home as well as a number of key changes to modernise the exterior.

The entire internal renovation of the house was completed in the agreed 100 day timeframe. The quality and workmanship has been excellent and any challenges were worked through successfully. One of the experiences I found the most satisfying was that there was always a small team of trades working on the house every day, so there was daily progress.

We lived in the house while it was being renovated and Ronnie and his team were superb. Ronnie and his trades were very respectful of my home and family, every day the guys cleaned up (as best they could) and the house was always livable, which is important when you have a disabled child and an elderly parent in residence. ”